Jane (methodine) wrote,


Last night was wild. I did extasy with Viv and Jeff. It was such a cool looking pill, I swallowed it and I didn't even feel high, but then I stood up and everything was so slow, then sped up like a fucking train. Alls I could think about running through my head was buzzing dizzy lights and words like thrill pill and love drug. I felt so perfect and loveable. My heart was racing, everything was racing. My whole body buzzed and buzzed I was a fucking fire fly. Dopamine poured into my system like a river. I looked at Viv and Jeff who's pupils were dilated and who were acting very fucking nervous. I told them they were fucking worryers. We're all fucking worryers. I got so thirsty like I was fucking stoned or something, but Viv and Jeff stopped me from drinking too much water because then I might die or some shit. Anyways, I had a really good time. I've been excercising more, and I think I might be either losing weight or gaining muscle. I dont know. And either is fine with me as long as I'm fucking rail thin. I want to be so thin.
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