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31 January
addiction, anything vogue, bones, bones underneath skin, boys, boys who get drunk, brain damage, bulemia, burning calories, camel, cars, cigarettes, clocks, cocaine, concious mind, dreams, drug phycosis, dying models, eating disorders, ed's, emotion, evolution, fading away., fashion, fight club, gay boys, gia, girls, girls who are curvy, girls who do coke, glamor, glamour magazine, glass, going on, heart failure, heroin, homosexual, hunger, kate moss, lace, loosing weight, lost weight, love, lucky magazine, marborlo, models, newport, nicotine, not eating, perfection, pot, pounds dropping off, revolution, scales, sex, skin stretched so thin, sleeping, starving, sub concious mind, tabaccoo, tall models, the 60's, the 70's, the 80's, the 90's, the mtv generation, the static generation, thin models, thinness, waking up